We are not quite normal.

Abby Normal is a new type of company; you could say not a ‘normal’ one. We make great games based on imaginative works of fiction and important real-world brands that are engaging, with high replayability. 

About Us

The Abby Normal brand is here to represent you.

We are Passionate About Games.

We’re also passionate about business and marketing plans. The combination of these passions is paramount to our successes.

Why Abby Normal
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    We focus on games that promote social interaction and create fond memories of fun times.

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    When we create a game, our intent is on building community – not just a product.

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    A community that is built up around a game naturally immerses players in the brand.

Meet our experienced game design and development team.

Our team consists of talented and experienced individuals who have been involved in many award-winning projects and profitable enterprises. Some have been involved in the game publishing and business development for decades. Others are part of the recent generation of game designers who have created games grossing in the millions of dollars.

David Pearce & Gunner


A lifelong gamer, David has spent a bit under 10 years in the gaming industry and over 20 years in the United States Marine Corps. His K9 partner can always be found at his side keeping David out of trouble.

Ian Starcher


Serial Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Business Development Professional. 30+ years professional experience in his field. Ian started in the gaming industry professionally in 1984, returning in 2013.

Sheri Starcher


Doing the right thing for our customers and business partners. Sheri Starcher has over 20 years' experience in the Compliance & Ethics field and functions as our Compliance Professional.

Alana Vickery

Team Expert

Alana, haling from the land down under, is the Office Maven and is often the sole voice of reason and keeps the rest of the team tuned into Sanity FM.

Penny Lane

Creative Director

Presenting a brand story with vision across multiple channels including web, app and tabletop products is a special power Penny picked up along the way in her creative media career, with 5 years specializing in game design and marketing.

James Frashure

Customer Relations

James started working professionally in sales and customer service in the gaming industry in 2007 and joined Abby Normal’s team in 2021.

John Stone

Illustrator and Designer

As the creative genius behind much of the art of Abby Normal John has bent his will and his brush to bring Abby Normal's vision to life.

Brandon Toomey

Sculptor Extraordinaire

The primary in-house sculptor for Abby Normal Brandon has a decade and a half of experience in the industry.