Tactical War Game 1944-1945!

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Panzer Leader & Panzer Blitz

Tactical WWII War Games

The classic strategy games of Panzer Leader & Panzer Blitz are back with 2nd Edition. Refight some of the greatest and most important battles of WW II Europe. 

Can you match the cunning of the field commanders of WW II?  Do you have what it takes to lead the Allies or Axis forces to victory?  Will you rewrite history on the battlefield?

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    Play area enhanced with larger boards and highly detailed graphics.

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    Easy to learn rules and improved turn flow.

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    Game pieces are more dynamic to improve players immersion.

Almost surrounded, low on ammunition and supplies, the odds are stacked against the battered German Kampfgruppe. Their only hope is the stoic figure atop the list Tiger tank. He is the Panzer Leader.

Sounds of thunder and flashes of light on the horizon herald the approach of the German armored columns. Russian tank crews rush to their tanks and steel themselves for the coming storm. The German Panzer Blitz has begun.

Initially published in the 1970’s, Panzer Blitz® & Panzer Leader® are rock solid games which have proven the test of time and set the standard for all war games which have followed.

It is upon this foundation Abby Normal is publishing these updated games with new graphically dynamic components. The rules are straightforward with very high re-playabilty. Fun and engaging for war game novices and veterans alike.


The Panzer Leader & Panzer Blitz are perfect for board game players wanting to branch out to try war games. The games are immediately ready to play out the box. No need for gluing together, sanding, and painting the playing pieces.