A series like no other created by legendary authors.

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Thieves' World

Roleplaying Game

What happens when outstanding, award-winning authors as Paul Anderson, CJ. Cherryh, Lynn Abbey, Robert Asprin, Phillip Jose Farmer, John Brunner and others combine talents to create a new world of heroic fantasy?

They invent Sanctuary, the gritty, dangerous, degenerate, an altogether engrossing city that serves as the setting in Thieves’ World® for your Next Great Adventures.

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    Thieves' World is a full, stand-alone roleplaying game.

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    Compatible with the 5th edition rules of the world's oldest and most famous roleplaying game.

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    Fast-paced and dynamic rules keep the action level high from beginning to end.

Have your Next Great Adventures in the meanest, seediest city of all fantasy realms – Sanctuary.